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To manage its huge business (about $4 billion a year ), QVC must use the latest IT support. For example, QVC operates four state-of-the-art call centers, one for overseas operations. Other state-of-the-art technologies are used as well. However, before using technology to boost loyalty and sales, QVC had to develop a strategy to put the customers at the core of the corporate decision making. ”Exceeding the expectations of every customer ” is a sign you can see all over QVC’s premises. As a matter of fact, the acronym QVC stands for Quality, Value, and Convenience-all from the customers’ perspective. QVC created a superb service organization. Among other things, QVC provides education (demonstrating product features and functions), entertainment, and companionship. Viewers build a social relationship with show hosts, upon which the commercial relationship is built. Now QVC is attempting to build a social relationship with its customers on the Web (see

QVC knows that building trust on the TV screen is necessary, but not sufficient. So everyone in the company is helping. QVC’s president checks customers’ letters. All problems are fixed quickly. Everything is geared toward the long run. In addition, to make CRM work, QVC properly aligns senior executives, IT executives, and functional managers. They must collaborate, work toward the same goals, have plans that do not interfere with other’s plans, and so forth. Also the company adopts the latest IT applications and offers training to its customer service reps in the new applications and in CRM continuously.

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    經營它的巨大的事情 (關於 $4000000000年 ), QVC須用最近的它支持. 譬如,QVC操作4個最尖端的喊聲中心,1個為了外國的操作. 其他的最尖端的技術被使用也. 然而,之前使用科技到推忠誠和銷售額,QVC必須發展戰略到放置顧客在果核的法人的決斷行動. ”超過期待的每個的顧客 ” 是標記你能看遍及QVC’s前提. 其實,字頭語QVC代表質量,價值,和便利-全部從顧客’ 透視圖法. QVC新建極好的服務組織. 在其他所有事物之中,QVC提供教育 (示範產品特色及功能), 娛樂,和友誼. 流覽創建社會的關係和表示網路主機,在上哪個貿易的關係被建立. 現在QVC在嘗試創建社會的關係和它的顧客準時地網 (看知道建築物信賴準時地電視螢光幕是必要的的,但是不滿意. 因而每個人在公司在幫助. QVC’s檢查顧客’ 信函. 全部的問題很快地被修理好. 每件事被齒輪向長期間. 此外,接通CRM工作,QVC適當地對齊年長的經理主管人員,它經理主管人員,和功能經理. 他們必須合作,工作向相同的目標,有不妨礙其他的的計畫’s計畫,等等. 也公司採用最近的它應用和提出訓練到它的客服稜紋平布在新的應用和在CRM連續地.

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