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各位教授好,很榮幸有此機會參加貴校的口試。我的名字是XXX,我來自桃園市,今年22歲,目前就讀於清雲科技大學(Ching Yun University)的工業工程與管理學系(Industrial Engineering & Management)。家裡有爸爸、媽媽和哥哥,家人都相處的很融洽,家庭氣氛和諧。



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    Every professor is good , very honoured to have this chance to participate in the oral examination of your school. My name is XXX, I come from the peach garden city, 22 years old this year, attend the industrial project of the clear University of Science and Technology of cloud (Ching Yun University ) and management department (Industrial Engineering & Management ) at present. There are father , mother and elder brother in the family, it was very harmonious that family all got along, family's atmosphere is harmonious. I study the computer and see the film in recreation activity and interest at ordinary times. Students have comparative my individual character extroversion, more amiable too, so it is very easy to get along with people. Student I face treating to all thing with positive optimistic attitude, so student I is it maintain a positive and steady and sure attitude to embrace to new thing any and thick interest is it learn to go. But the teachers with speciality of your school add the perfect course rule to draw, it is believed that the research institute of your school can unquestionably meet my curiosity of students , so I look forward to entering and study in and engaged in studying students expensivly very much, hope that the professor can give me the learning opportunity , thanks you.

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    Hello professors, I'm honored to have a chance to join the schools oral test. My name is XXX, I'm from Tao Yuan City, and I'm 22 years old this year, and I'm now studing in Ching Yun University of Industrial Engineering & Management department.

    My hobbies and entertainment are researching computer and watching movies. As a career of a student, I'm an outgoing person, and very easy to get along with people. I use an optimistic attitude to face fears to clean my path, so to every difficultly I face I'm use my optimistic attitude and my inthusiaism to learn to face them.

    Your fabulous school has professional teachers plus a full scheudule, and I believe that your research institute is going to satisfy my desire to learn, so as a student I look very forward to learn in your research institute to research, and I hope professors will give me a chance to learn, thank you.

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