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1.We can usea Mind Map.

2.They weat a loincloth.

3.Typhoons often hit Lanyu.

4.The Tao catch flying fish at Night.

5.They carry the new boat to sea.這五句要如何改成被動語態呢?

1.How should we start?&I'd like to know 這兩句要怎麼合成間接問句

2.When does it start?&Tell me 這兩句要怎麼合成間接問句

3.What do the Tao wear during festivals?&I have no idea 這兩句要怎麼合成間接問句

4.Why do the Tao hold the New Boat Launching Ceremony?&Do you know


初學者 不太了解 以上問題 感激不盡


不好意思 打錯了 是 wear

Update 2:

那正確的把They wear a loincloth. 改成被動語態


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    主動: S + Vt + O

    被動: O + be p.p. by S

    1. A Mind Map can be used by us.

    2. Loinclothes are worn by them.

    3. Lanyu is often hit by Typhoons.

    4. Flying fish are caught by the Tao at Night.

    5. The new boat is carried to sea by them.


    S1+ V2 + 名詞子句 (疑問詞+ S2 V2)

    子句為主要句中的句子, 也有主詞和動詞, 不可倒裝


    名詞子句有that, whether, 疑問詞引導的名詞子句

    子句絕對不能倒裝, 必為 S+ V...形式

    1. I'd like to know how we should start.

    2. Tell me when it starts.

    3. I have no idea what the Tao wear during festivals.

    4. Do you know why the Tao hold the New Boat Launching Ceremony

    2005-12-01 22:04:50 補充:

    真的是wear? 不過我有疑問, 原句就不可能了啊, They wear a loincloth, 表示他們穿一件腰布, 不可能很多人穿一件衣服吧! 所以請見諒我私自改成複數型

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