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Compassionate and generous,opinionated yet open-minded,

my aunt was the one who played baseball with me in the early summer evenings,

who took me horseback riding, and who sat by my bed when I was ill.

She heleped me find my first job and arranged for her male friends at work to take

me to the father-son dinners that marked the end of every sports season.

When the time came,she convinced the elderly man next door to teach me how to shave.

When I was 15, she gave me lessons on how to drive.

Believung that anything unusual was probably good for me, she offered to get a loan

so that I could go to Africa to work as a volunteer.

She even paid for my first typewriter.




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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    慈悲和慷慨, 固執己見虛心, 我的伯母是那個誰打棒球與我在初夏晚上, 採取我馬術, 並且坐由我的床當我是不適。

    她heleped 我發現我的第一個工作和安排她的男性朋友在工作把我帶對標記每個體育季節的結尾的父親兒子晚餐。

    當時刻來了, 她說服了年長人與相鄰教我怎麼刮。

    當我是15, 她教育了我關於怎樣駕駛。

    任何異常大概是好的為我的Believung, 她提供得到貸款以便我能去非洲工作作為志願者。


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