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‧英文名:Ren'e Liu

‧生 日:xxxx/6/1

‧星 座:雙子座


嗜 好:睡覺、音樂、和自己聊天




喜愛的歌手:Sting,Suasan Vega






九月刊的《四大型男漁獵計畫》一文中:傳媒新貴江南春被ELLE問到:"誰是你心中的完美妻子?她是什麼樣的?"江南春脫口而出:"劉若英這樣的,有才華且優雅.我很欣賞有文學才華的女人. 江南春:分眾傳媒董事長 32歲.才華橫溢的江南春是最桃人喜歡的那一類被訪者.扔出問題後不暇思索變踴躍發起言來.而且幾乎每句話能原封不動地漂亮地派上用場.他迷戀大學生般氣質和做派的女子.並不斷沉侵在對大學時光的感歎中.做為華師大中文系畢業的高材生,做為曾經的夏雨詩社社長,江南春在大學的感情生活和心理狀態簡直稱的上華麗.貌似對生活開懷和抱有平靜心態的外表下,卻仍是不原停頓探索愛情的那個詩人

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    .Chinese:If Liu English.English:Ren'e Liu .Get the day:xxxx/6/1 .Star:Gemini----------------------Other data:Love good:Sleeping,music,chat with the oneselfThe most unforgettable matter:Disappoint in loveExercise of liking:SwimmingActor of liking:Juliet finishes the promiseThe singer who like:Sting, Suasan VegaFood of liking:Taiwanese light repast(hot)Color of liking:WhiteLike most the nation:A lot ofThe most favorite dress method:ComfortableLover's typical model that the middle of heart hopes:Have the character contain definite view but very painful me------------------------Publish in September of 《four large and male fishing and hunting projects 》one text in:The lately expensive Chiang-Nan spring of the media is inquired about by the ELLE:"who is your perfect wife in the heart?What kind is she?"Chiang-Nan spring blurts out:" Liu if English is so of, there are the artistic talent and grace.I appreciate the woman who have the literature artistic talent very much. Chiang-Nan spring:divide into many media the president 32 years old.The horizontal one who overflow of Chiang-Nan spring is the peach what person like is that type of most is visited of the artistic talent.After tossing to go wrong not the 暇 deliberates to become to start the speech eagerly.And almost each words can be used intactly and gallantly.He is addicted to the university student the sort qualities and the woman that does the parties.Also sink to invade continuously in to the university time feeling deeply about.Be used as the brilliant student of big Chinese department graduation of R.O.C. teacher The rain poetry club president of summer being used as ever, the living and mental appearance of Chiang-Nan spring affection in university simply calls of top pomp.Look like to the life joyful with embrace the appearance of having the equanimity mindset next, but still is that poet who do not grind to a stop to investigate the love at first

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