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請問在職進修的英文怎麼說 Thanks a lot

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    1.go for retraining

    例句:If not, then they can say: "I don't want to go to university, I want to go to college, I want to get a job," or perhaps go for retraining later on, not just blindly try to get into university.


    2. professional training

    例句:Judging from the manner in which universities are opening their doors for continuing education, non-degree programs, and professional training, higher education in Taiwan appears to be undergoing a sort of makeover.

    With these changes, universities must not only take care of teaching and research, but must also make sure they play their third function properly-spreading knowledge and sharing it with the public.


    3.improve the professional skills

    例句:After working for a few years, I discovered that I was lacking in some areas, so I decided to test into graduate school to improve my professional skills.

    Since last year I've been taking classes at National Taiwan Normal University's graduate school of mass communications.


    4.advanced training for professionals

    例句:Advanced training for professionals has become a hot topic among executives over the past two years, but continuing education is nothing new among Taiwan's universities.


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