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2. Leaves of flowering plants are generally flat and have thin blades that are attached to the stem by petioles or sheaths. Veins (vascular bundles) transport food and water

and strengthen the leaf blade. Leaf blades may be simple or compound; leaf margins may be entire, toothed, or lobed.

4. Mesophyll tissue is composed of palisade and spongy parenchyma cells and veins. Chloroplasts found in mesophyll cells convert sunlight to energy stored in carbo

hydrates during photosynthesis.

6. Young leaves are produced at the SAM.

8. The formation of a definite abscission zone across the peti ole is responsible for leaf fall. Environmental cues and hormonal changes affect the formation of the abscission zone.

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    2.離開開花植物一般平並且有瘦葉片被隸屬於被葉柄或者護套那些干。 岩脈(血管的包)運送食品和水

    並且加強葉葉片。 葉葉片可能是簡單的或者化合物; 葉邊可能是整個,齒狀,或者有葉的。

    4.葉肉組織由木閘極和海綿狀的parenchyma 細胞和靜脈組成。 在葉肉電池裡發現的Chloroplasts把陽光轉化成儲存在碳水化合物食品裡的熱量


    6.年輕人葉子被在SAM 生產。

    8.交叉peti ole的一個明確的切除區域的形成負責葉下降。 環境暗示和激素的變化影響切除區域的形成。

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