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    Every professor (teacher) ,You are good (Good morning) !Students XXX, will graduate from XXX soon.Except studying to the relevant basic skills of a lot of computers during university, by managing the ability that course accumulates the management, analysis, report relevantly too, participate in corporation activity, outside school contest too while being extracurriliar, train with people helping each other experience of cooperation, go it work as a temporary labourer at being by vacation too,on one hand should last job market the experiences and and people through practice to attitude not good, the probational gold can help the family to replenish the tuition fee too, lighten family's burden.Through the above study, getting along with people and practice experience in many aspects, let oneself be more confident, ability faces lessons of the research institute.My brief introduction gets here, thanks 

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    001:你們好,you are good.經典

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    Dear Professors, good morning!

    I am XXX and will graduate from XXX University this year.

    During my study at XXX University, I not only have learned to master many computer-related skills, but also have accumulated administrative, analytical and reporting abilities through the management courses I took. In my spare time, I participated in many extracurricular activities including university activities and between-school competitions to learn to be a team player. I also work part time on holidays to accumulated career experience and to cultivate my interpersonal skills. Meanwhile, the salary from the part-time job helps me to support my tuition and lessens financial burdens for my family.

    Through my learning from all aspects, my interpersonal and on-the-job experience, I have strengthened my confidence and enhanced my abilities to pursue my study at graduate school.

    This is a brief introduction about myself.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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