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有單字是單數變複數時去掉S的嗎?(字尾) 這是我們老外老師問的 知道的提供一下吧


我要的答案是....變成複數字尾是去掉s 不是加s

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    Words which become singular words with the addition of an S are: abbes, abys, adventures, bas, bos, bras, bulgines, chapes, cites, cosines, deadlines, esquires, fras, gamines, gaus, glassines, gues, hos, kavas, kos, las, los, lownes, marques, mas, millionaires, mis, moras, mos, multimillionaires, nervines, ogres, pas, pis, pos, posses, prelates, pros, sagenes, saltines, shines, sightlines, squires, tartines, tas, tyrranes, usures, zebras, camas, careles, carles, cos, discus, dos, dures, es, footles, garbles, handles, his, homines, hurtles, inkles, kermes, kindles, koumis, koumys, mes, mus, needles, poses, princes, pus, restles, rumples, rustles, tackles, tailles, treadles, tres, wattles, windles, wis, amas, amis, as, ases, bibles, bus

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