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share一部分value益處,但是share valu

share一部分value益處,但是share valu


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    share 也可以是股票的意思, the ownership of a company which can be bought by members of the public

    eg: I have some shares of TSMC (我有台機電的股)

    share value = 股票價值

    eg: The share value of Apple had raised significantly after the sucessful launch of iPod.

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    同意 ikbencat

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    第二,我想你是想問 share value 吧? 這句話如果從表面來翻,只能說 「分享"某種東西"價值」。如我之前所說的,你最好是有上下文。不然我不知道你想提的主詞是什麼東西。

    如果可以的話,請補上下文,以方便翻譯。 ^^

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