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請問 "除以" 的英文如何說呢?

體重除以身高的平方(kg/ cm2) 怎麼用英文表達呢?


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    可以用 divide 這個單字


    1) Divide 6 by 2, and you get 3.

    2) 6 divided by 2 is 3.


    因此體重除以身高的平方(kg/ cm2) , 可以表達為:

    KG(kilogram) divided by square cm(centimeter), 或是

    Divide kg(kilogram) by square cm(centimeter)


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    Weight divided by square of height.

    square = 平方

  • Anonymous
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    you can say"the weight divided by the square of high"

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    體重除以身高的平方(kg/ cm2)

    The weight divided by the square of the inch (或stature).

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