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請英文很強的高手幫忙翻譯 拜託 (20點)

In the underlying suit, filed in 1985, Eileen Voorhees was sued by her child's teacher for her comments questioning the teacher's competency and fitness. The complaint against Voorhees indicates that Voorhees and other parents had expressed their concern about the teacher at an open school-board meeting and had requested that their children be removed from her class. The school board decided to relieve the teacher of her teaching duties pending the results of a psychiatric examination. Local newspapers published stories regarding the controversy. The teacher alleged that the parents' accusations and the school system's response caused her extreme emotional distress. Medical evidence generated in response to interrogatories revealed that the emotional distress associated with the events had resulted in “an undue amount of physical complaints,” including “headaches, stomach pains, nausea, * * * [and] body pains * * *.? Voorhees' homeowner's-insurance policy requires Preferred Mutual to defend her against any suits alleging “bodily injury,” defined as “bodily harm, sickness or disease.” Authorities dispute whether emotional-distress injuries are covered under bodily-injury insurance policies. The terms of that dispute focus on two primary considerations: (1) whether the term “bodily injury” is ambiguous and should thus be construed against the insurer; and (2) whether finding coverage for emotional distress under a bodily-injury policy would conflate the coverage provided by bodily-injury policies with the broader coverage traditionally provided by personal-injury policies.

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    在基礎衣服內,在1985,沃裡斯她孩子教師給她的意見詢問起訴教師的能力和健康的愛琳內歸檔。 對沃裡斯的抱怨表明 那沃裡斯和其他父母已經表示在一個公開的學校董事會的他們的關心教師並且已經請求他們的孩子被從她的種類除去。 教育委員會決定在一次精神病學的考試的結果之前把教師從她的教導職責解放出來。 當地報紙出版關於爭論的故事。 教師聲稱父母的譴責和學製的回應引起她極端感情痛苦。 事件已經導致n 不適當數量的物理抱怨的為了答覆感情痛苦與相關的顯示的訊問的產生的醫學證據, 包括eadaches,胃痛,噁心, * **[並且 ]身體痛 * **. ? 保衛她抵御指控odily 傷的任何衣服的相互更喜歡的房主保險單需要的沃裡斯,定義為odily 危害,病或者疾病。 當局爭論是否感情痛苦的傷被在人身傷害保險單下包括。 那爭論的條件集中于兩次主要考慮︰ (1)是否含糊的injuryis odily那些任期和能如此被解釋反對那些保險公司; 以及(2), 不管在政策人身傷害下發現去感情痛苦的新聞報導將那些新聞報導由政策人身傷害所規定道統上由政策人身傷害所規定的那些更寬新聞報導的conflate。

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