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本文主要是探討以台灣為例之社會、經濟因素與自殺率間的關係,採用一般統計迴歸計量經濟方法,實證分析並比較實證結果的差異。資料涵蓋期間為1982 至2002年共21年,樣本資料包括平均自殺率、各年齡層的自殺率、失業率、平均每人國內生產毛額(元)




3. 平均每人國內生產毛額(元)對於中產階級之年齡層的自殺率(25-65歲年齡層)較顯著影響,尤其是平均每人國內生產毛額(元)對於30-34歲年齡層的自殺率有要佳的解釋能力,而有可能是就業壓力(失業、與同事、上司處不好、感情因素……等等)



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    This text mainly probes into the relation among the society, economic factor and committing suicide rate taking Taiwan as an example, adopt general statistics to measure the economic method, analyse and compare the difference of results of the real example in real example. It was 1982 21 years altogether to 2002 when the materials contained, the sample materials include the suicide rate, rate of unemployment of committing suicide rate, all ages equally, produce hair volume averagely at home (yuan)

    According to the real example result analysis of the previous chapter

    1.With suicide rate of age level to influence of person who commit suicide equally specifically, result then demonstrate age level high person relatively high committing suicide rate their

    2.The committing suicide rate is correlated with will be appearing in rate of unemploymenting, it is the higher for rate of unemployment, the higher the suicide rate that stands opposite each other is; Low relative suicide rate the lower either as rate of unemployment.

    3. Produce hair volume averagely at home (yuan) Suicide rate of the age level to the middle class (25-65 years old age level) Influence more apparently, especially produce hair volume averagely at home (yuan) As to the thing that 30-34 years old suicide rate of age level is it take good explanation ability to have, but pressure on employment (unemployment, and colleague, superior office fine, emotional factor probably

    Research proposing

    This text takes Taiwan as an example, use Hamermesh& Soss (1974)Traditional for utility for analytical method as basic theory mould, by simple metering method real example analyse, but situation of Taiwan can inference reach world each country, if the end come have more suicidal materials complete gradually of country, can increase the national figure and let the analysis result of real example worth studying. It is and too in this text for the end social welfare it probe into committing suicide rate,and this future too can diligent direction.

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