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可否幫我翻譯以下感恩節活動的短文@@? (急!!)




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    In 1947, the American turkey association by a live turkey and two

    裝飾用 false turkeys, bestowed for US president, celebrated the

    Thanksgiving Day, thus this item of turkey special amnesty ceremony

    became every year White House to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day

    tradition, American presidents met after the wedding from release this

    only lucky turkey to the turkey retired farm, peacefully enjoyed the

    natural lifespan.

    Thanksgiving Day has many traditional games, is first five corn Tibet

    in the room, the participant must have to discover the corn can enter

    the finals. When finals, the participant must peel the corn kernel in

    the bowl, most quickly peels is the winner. During competition one

    side, also can let the audience guessed actually in the bowl has how

    many corn kernel, guessed correctly most approaches the number the

    person, may obtain a large package to explode the popcorn to take the


    In the Thanksgiving Day most cannot miss is New York 梅西the general

    merchandise big parade. This traditional beginning from 1927. In the

    same day, can have large-scale floats gasifies the puppet beautiful

    decorated vehicle to sing with the dance 儀隊 or cheering team's

    performance and so on.

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