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孟子這篇 天將降大任於是人也,必先若其心志.... 的完整文章,誰有英文版的呢? or自己翻成英文的?

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    Mencius says: ' Shun sends it in Quan mu, Fu says that it is idle to one edition of one that builts to lift , the glue is lifted in fish's salt in Ge, in charge of safe I lift Shi Yu , Sun uncle Ao lift in the sea , why is one hundred li lifted in the city. So let it heavily to be lowerly then people too,must will of it not bitter first, toil flesh and bone, hungry its body skin, empty exhausted his body, is it stroke messy it do , so aroused in interest person who bear , Zeng Yi their can to walk. People were permanent , then can make a change ; Strand it in the heart, weighing apparatus considering, and then do; Seek it in the color , send to Yu Sheng , and then explain. Enter and stroke persons in the unable family, the unmatched foreign patient appears, the country died permanently . Then know that it is peaceful and comfortable to born in the suffering and die from . '


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