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請問一下 通常在美國念教育碩士


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    僅以University of Washington的教育學院為例 至少45學分 至少18學分為5字頭以上的課程(指研究所的課程)

    Master of Education General requirements

    Completion of an approved program in courses 400 level or above in the major field or 300 level or above outside the major. Courses numbered 499 are not acceptable; courses numbered 498 will be individually reviewed by petition. Minimum credits: 45

    Fulfillment of all degree requirements specified by the Graduate School. The 45 total hours specified above must include at least 18 credits at the 500 level or above, and at least 18 credits in graded courses at the 400 level and above. Satisfactory performance on a final examination is also required.

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