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A classic of Mexican cinema, LA MALQUERIDA stars legendary actors Dolores Del Rio and Pedro Armendariz and was directed by important director Emilio Fernandez. Del Rio stars as Raimunda, whose daughter Acacia hates her stepfather Esteban. Acacia spies a way out of her suffocating home life by accepting the marriage proposal of a local man despite not loving him. Esteban, however, has become obsessed with Acacia and plots to murder her fiancé. When the personal feelings of the various characters slowly emerge, both mother and daughter must contend with them while trying to keep the family together. LA MALQUERIDA is a classic Mexican melodrama. 大概劇情

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    Del Rio 飾演 Raimunda

    Del Rio 的女兒 Acacia 憎恨她的繼父 Esteban.

    Acacia 只要答應嫁給(未婚夫)一個她不愛的人 她就能夠離開那厭惡的家

    Esteban 卻瘋狂的愛上了 Acacia 並計畫謀殺她的未婚夫

    當故事裡所有角色的感情因素慢慢地交集 母親及女兒兩人 一方面必須與他們鬥爭(或者可解釋成爭執) 另一方面也必須讓家庭保持原有的向心力.

    La Malquerida 是一部墨西哥古典音樂劇.

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