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Consider a simple example of a skilled auto mechanic working 14 hours a day at his own service station, six days a week. Compare this situation to how much he could earn as a trucking company mechanic 84 hours a week. This self-employed auto mechanic might have an opportunity cost of about $20 an hour. For his 84-hour week in his own service station, he is forfeiting $1,680. Unless his service station shows accounting profits of more than that per week, he is incurring losses in an economic sense.

Another way of looking at the opportunity cost of running a business is that opportunity cost consists of all explicit and implicit costs. Accountants only take account of explicit costs. Therefore, accounting profit ends up being the residual after only explicit costs are subtracted from total revenues.

This same analysis can apply to owner-provided capital, such as land or buildings. The fact that the owner owns the building or the land with which he or she operates a business does not mean that it is "free." Rather, use of the building and land still has an opportunity cost -- the value of the next-best alternative use for those assets.

Some firms are nonprofit enterprises. Nevertheless, they face the same incentive to generate sufficient revenues, or in some cases sufficient donations, to cover the opportunity cost of equipment and other capital resources.



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    考慮一天在他自己的加油站工作14個小時的一位熟練的汽車技工的簡單的例子 、一周6 天。  他一周84小時能作為一位貨車裝運的公司技工掙錢多少,把這種情勢比作。  這位自僱的汽車技工可能有大約每小時20 美元的機會成本。  他的84個小時的周以來在他自己的加油站 、他是未償債務買賣1,680 美元。  除非他的加油站顯示多於每周的的會計利潤 、他正在一個經濟感覺裡招致損失。 看做生意的機會成本的另一種模式是機會成本由全部明確和暗示費用組成。  會計師只考慮明確費用。  因此 、會計利潤結束是殘餘明確費用的只從總收入中減去。 這個相同的分析能適用於擁有人提供的資本 、例如土地或者大樓。  事實即擁有人擁有大樓或者他或者她經營一個生意的土地不意味著它是" 免費。 " 相反 、使用大樓和土地仍然有機會成本 -- 僅次於最好的其它使用的價值適合那些資產。 一些公司是非贏利的企業。  雖然如此 、他們面臨相同的獎勵產生足夠的收入 、或者有時候足夠的捐款 、支付機會設備費用和其他資本來源。  

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