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急~幫幫忙(中翻英)~~please 拜託啦~不要用網路翻譯







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    Before I tell you the story I have something to ask you. Maybe some people know or had an experence of having pinprick before, and others will then ask you, "did you glance at someone when they're taking shower?" How come they all ask the same question?

    The story happened when I was in elementary school. When I was small, I had a bad habbit. I always rub my eyes with my dirty hands. One day, I suddenly realize that there's something i my eye that feels like a pimple, that's when I knew how it feels about having a pinprick. It's swelling and it hurts so much.

    Because my dad was at work, so my mom took me to see a doctor. The doctor checked my eyes and found out there's a pus and it must be removed immediately. It is really weird that I don't feel afraid of what's going to happen.

    The doctor gave me anaesthetic before the operation. After a while, I can feel the doctor using a mirror that's like a penny to open my eye. I started to get nervous. The only thing I can feel is that my eyelid were being cuted several times, and my mom was holding my hand really tie so I don't get afraid. I really appreciate my mom of encouraging me at that moment.






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    Before telling my thing, everybody know, perhaps you won pinprick even, will think " Do you steal a glance at somebody's having a bath? " Why will everybody say in this way? This is happenning in our primary school, there is it thing long in the eyelid that suddenly found me, and ache swollen very much and to be veried, usually pinprick all grew on the eyelid, because often rubed eyes with hands not clean as a child, long pinprick. Later, because father went to work, mother have to ride the motorcycle and drive me to the clinic, then, the doctor checks my eyes, there is suppuration that must be dealt with at once inside the discovery finally, was sent to the operating table at once, actually I was not afraid at all at that time. The doctor just hits anaesthetizing inside and outside my eyelid, after a while, I feel the doctor has copper of one yuans - sized mirrors to open my orbit by one, begin to become nervous in the heart, I only feel the eyelid has been shaved all the time, I have feeling hands which hold me that mother has been exerting oneself very much all the time, so I will not be afraid, express gratitude to mother for accompanying me all the time.  

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