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In an effort to improve pain management,we developed a treatment algorithm that links pain assessment with treatment strategies.Nurses in the NICU and pediatric ICU at our institution assess pain using the COMFORT Behavior Scale,along with a visual analogue scale(VAS).

The COMFORT Scale.In 1992 Ambuel and colleagues presented a nonintrusive method of assessing distress in mechanically ventilated patients in pediatric ICUs,called the COMFORT scale,in which eight factors-six behavioral and two physiologic-were assessed.Others later analyzed the appropriateness of using this scale for assessing sedation and determined cut-off scores for optimal and inadequate sedation in children. In 1996 we undertook a randomized,controlled trial of 158 infants and toddlers up to three years of age in the pediatric surgical ICU at Sophia's

Children's Hospital;the study was designed to validate the use of the COMFORT scale in assessing postoperative pain in infants. To this end,we adapted the scale

by adding an item-“crying”-that would help us assess patients who were not mechanically ventilated.

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    試圖改進痛疼治療, 我們開發把痛苦評價與護膚品strategies.Nurses相聯繫的治療算法在NICU 和兒科的ICU裡在我們的機構使用安慰行為規模評價痛苦, 與一個視覺類似物規模(VAS)一起。

    那些Ambuel Scale.In 1992 安慰和同事提出方法nonintrusive確定痛苦在機械公開討論兒科ICUs 病患, 叫安慰規模, 在哪個行為的8 6 原素和生理學的兩以後分析用這刻度確定鎮靜作用並且確定斷流得分最佳和不適當鎮靜作用的新聞時合性的assessed.Others, 在孩子裡。 在1996內我們承擔一隨機化排列,控制審訊的158個嬰兒的和學步的小孩到那些兒科外科ICU 3 歲在索法亞那裡時候

    孩子的醫院Fthe 研究用于在評價嬰兒的手術后的痛苦過程中批准使用安慰規模。 為此目的,我們使規模適應


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