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硯勳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago







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    The development of the civilization influences the conservation of the environment, this is the topic that lets most the person discuss in this several years.

    The civilization comes more to progress more, to the impact of the environment more big.

    Raise a few examples to say, the development of the Chinese herbal medicine influences the existence,or excessive development of the black bear to use the natural resource

    Pollute the land,water,air...etc. and release the carbon dioxide to cause the world warmed,make use of the land to cause the desert turned excessively and develop the forest the influence the ecosystem balance and mail boat to leak the oil to the ocean to cause many living temperaments of living creatureses.These to mankind, although did not influence at that time too greatly, if now is out of character for the future to do some improvements, this condition only would is more and more worsen to even spread to the posterity.

    The mankind are because of that

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    太濫了!!! 這怎麼選啊?

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  • 北北
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    1 decade ago

    Civilized development influences the child care of the environment, this is a topic that has let people discuss most over these several years. The more the civilization progresses more and more, the greater the impact to the environment is. Give several examples and say , the development of the traditional Chinese medicine influences the existence of the black bear , or overexploitation uses the natural resources Pollution land, water, air ,etc. and releases the carbon dioxide to cause and melt globally and warmly, it causes a lot of biological life habits and acquired characteristics to the sea that it influences the ecological balance and ocean liner to leak producing oil that excessive to utilize land to cause the desertification , develop the forest. These for mankind, though has not influenced too big for the moment, if the inappropriate one does some improvement for the future now, this situation will only worsen even prolonging and later generation more and more.

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