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1) 感恩節的前天星期三都會各機關, 大學都會提早下班, 下課嗎?

2) 如題, 固定星期四五六日連放嗎?

3) 這算是不分公私立都放的國定假日嗎?

4) 那耶誕節假期呢? 12月幾號到 (12月or1月) 幾號是例假?

5) 各州各大學 (semester / quarter制) 的耶誕節假期有區分嗎?

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    1) Not necessary but most of the time classes in Wednesday evening will be cancelled.

    2) The answer is yes for school but no for government and financial institutions. In fact, the stock market will open for half day and only Thursday is the designated holiday for federal government employees. People usually will also take Friday off.

    3) Thanksgiving Thursday is almost like a national holiday. However, many stores and restaurants (particularly those opened by Chinese) may open for a shorter time but they do not close.

    4) Christmas is always Dec 25. If it falls on Saturday, then Dec 24 (the Friday before Christmas) becomes designated holiday. If falls on Sunday (such as this year), the designated Christmas holiday will be on Dec 26. Only Christmas day is national holiday. Many restaurants still open for business though. Many companies will shut down from Dec 25 to Jan 1 at that time but this is not compulsory. Even if the companies do not shut down (Dec 25 and Jan 1 is national holiday), usually half of the employees will take break or vacation at that time.

    5) By the Christmas time, I believe all the schools are in quarter or semester break. Quarter systems school may start the break one or two weeks earlier but they will start the next quarter earlier than semester systems schools. Usually, semester schools will have four to five weeks of semester break. They may not start next semester until almost the last week of January of next year.

    It always have exception cases. I basically cover the most common case. Many Chinese owned restaurants or supermarket do not close for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. They may close earlier but not the whole day.

    Source(s): my own experience
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