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用英文翻譯軟體翻 中文憂鬱症資料非常文章內容不順暢..要如何尋找完整的英文翻譯 主要內容找關於憂鬱症高危險群有哪一些??自己找資料發現也很難..求救一下

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    Loses the wisdom sickness spouse is suffers from the trouble

    melancholia the high dangerous group(失智症配偶是罹患憂鬱症的高危險群)

    The family has loses the wisdom sickness patient, for a long time

    according to the heavy burden which protects, can seriously attack the

    family life, University of Taiwan hospital neurology department doctor

    in charge Qiu Mingchang indicated, loses the wisdom sickness patient

    the children, the grandson children adds on the spouse population

    computation, estimated has two 150 ten thousand people to receive

    affects, the use psychotropic drug opportunity are more than the

    average person, specially the spouse is the melancholia high dangerous


    According to protects loses the wisdom sickness old person, a year 365

    days, 24 hours all do not have the rest the opportunity, some patients

    can mount specific according to protecting, lets lay down

    psychological according to protecting the heavy burden, in addition

    loses wisdom sickness some patients to be able to have the delusion,

    phenomenon and so on violence, if nobody change, Zhou Tsaochao

    protecting can have the setback for a long time, as well as chronicity

    weary, the spouse, is specially easier to have the melancholia.

    Therefore doctor suggested, the light moderate patient may arrange the

    during the day to illuminate protects, is best according to protecting

    can have the change, lets the one day rest according to a protecting

    week the time, the mood obtains relaxes.(照護失智症老人,一年三百六十五天,二十四小時都沒有休息的機會,有些患者會黏著特定一位照護者,讓照護者放不下心理的重擔,加上失智症有些患者會有妄想,暴力等現象,如果沒有人輪替,週遭照護者長期會產生挫折,以及慢性疲勞,特別是配偶,更容易產生憂鬱症。


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