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為什麼Number 2,可以縮寫成No.2



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    No. stands for number. It also stands for numero sign.

    The Numero sign (U+2116) is used in many languages to indicate ordinal numbering. For example, instead of "Number 12 Privet Drive", one could write "№ 12 Privet Drive".

    The symbol is a combination of the Latin letter "N" with a grapheme resembling the masculine ordinal indicator (or superscript "o", sometimes underlined).

    On typewriters and computers that do not support this symbol, it is acceptable and commonplace to substitute it with the trigraph "No." (letter "N", letter "o", and a period).

    On typewriters and computers that support the degree sign or masculine ordinal indicator, a digraph starting with "N", such as "N°" or "Nº", may suffice as a substitute for the numero sign, but only if it is to be presented exclusively within visual media, in a typeface and sizing that results in a passable approximation of the numero sign. Such digraphs are inappropriate for representing the numero sign in computer data, in general.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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