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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

撰寫 lesson plan


授課年級、課程時間、內容 都可以改

Student level: 3 Grade

Goal: By tracing and copying the key vocabulary items, students will become familiar with the basic writing mechanic.

Lesson length: Approximately 40 minutes

Materials: word cards and worksheets


1.Vocabulary review (about 10 minutes):

Teacher uses word cards to review the vocabulary with students (clown, towel, house, first, bird…)

2.Tracing and copying (about 10 minutes):

For each word, students are asked to trace and write it 2 times on their worksheet.

3.Whole-class work (about 10 minutes):

Teacher demonstrates how to write each word on the blackboard.

4.Review and homework (about 10 minutes):

Teacher goes over the keywords again. For homework, students are given the second worksheet to complete at home.



我是不會寫 lesson plan


Update 2:



內容則 是學生年齡 而決定囉!



Update 3:


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    (先說了, 僅供參考. I know it is not perfect)


    Student level: 1st Grade

    Goal: To pronounce, recognize, and write the alphabets from A to G.

    Lesson length: 45minutes.

    Materials: Alphabet cards, Word cards, CD player, In-class/after-school worksheets.


    1.Listening to the CD player (5 minutes):

    Teacher will play the CD player to introduce the alphabet from A to Z.

    2.Speaking and Reading (10 minutes):

    1) Teacher will play the CD player to re-introduce the alphabet from A to G; meanwhile, will present the alphabet cards (A to G) to students, and stop the player to ask students to speak A, B, C, D, E , F, and G.

    2) Teacher will use word cards to teach begin word with A to G. (Ex. A: Apple; B: Book; C: Cat; D: Dog; E: Eyes; F: Flower; G: Girl.) Students will repeat the words that teacher speaks.

    3. Matching (10 minutes):

    1) Teacher will present five different word cards to students.

    2) Each student will have chance to come to the front row and match the word cards with the same begin word letter.

    4. Tracing and Copying: (10 minutes)

    1) Teacher will demonstrate how to write letter A to G.

    2) Students will be asked to trace and write each letter on their worksheet.

    5. Review and homework (10 minutes):

    1) Teacher will go over the letters (A to G) by the end of the lesson.

    2) Students will be given second worksheets to complete at home and turn them in at the beginning of the next lesson.


    2005-11-25 00:56:02 補充:

    妳能不能提供我多一點資訊, 像是妳教的對象, 課程內容呢? (像是音樂, 或是歷史 之類的)

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Ariel 謝謝你 我是希望能參考上面的例子 寫一個對於不同年級 不同教學內容的學生 寫一個lesson plan 所以你可能要重新寫

  • Anonymous
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