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     I wish that I had a big house/mansion situated in the quiet suburb.  It should contains 5 rooms with a study room, a guestroom and many walk-in closets.  Each individual room has large windows for ample sunlight (into the room), a large bed, a computer and with an attached bathroom.  In the bathroom there is a SPA for relaxation.  In the living room, there is a state-of-the art stereo system and floor to ceiling windows looking unto the lash green court yard with lounge chairs.  This would be my big dream house.不是逐字翻譯的!!

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    001 文法可, 文筆需再修飾

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    My Ideal House

    If I have a big house, I hope it can be located in the surburban with five bedrooms, study rooms, guest rooms and dressing rooms. I want my bedroom to decorate with a big, comfortable bed, a computer and a bathroom in which has personal spa. Besides, the light of my bedroom must be bright enough. On the other hand, there must has high-class audio and visual facilities and a big French window in my living room. Outside the French window must be a grassland with several chairs. This is my ideal house.

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