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翁韶 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Amy bought a new camera by ordering on Internet.

She received order after after two weeks but found that the

product was not the one she ordered from the catalogue.

So she decided to turn it back and wanted the company to

send her a new one. Here is her her letter to tho compay.

Amy Huang


Wen-chu Street,

Ta-anDis. Taipei

October 13,2002

On-line Com.

430Post Box

Washington State

America U.S.A.

Dear Sirs:

I ordered one cne camera of Mode Mx420 from

your on-line service two weeks ago. Iwas

surprised to recrive the package so early bet

while I was glad to receive the product, Iwas

disappointed that it was not the same one as I

saw in your catalogue. I checked it again in the

catalogue and I am sure it is a mistake.

I hope uou should consider exchanhing it

for me and pay the returning postage because I

did not expect this to happen.

yours faithfully

Amy Huang

A few days later,Amy received a brand-new camera

with an apolog from the company.

Dear Miss Huang:

We were very sorry for our mistake. We

appreciate your advice and patience.

We will de responsible for the postage and

please receive the che check in this letter . Thanks

again for ordering our prodicts.

Sincerely yours

Bette Smith


Octob 20,2002

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    艾米採購了一臺新建照相機由定貨在網際網路。她接受了訂單以後在二個星期以後但發現產品不是那個她定購從目錄。如此她決定轉動它和要公司寄發她新的。這她她的信函對tho compay 。艾米黃243,20lane, Wen 儲街道, Ta anDis 。臺北10月13,2002 日聯機Com 。430Post 配件箱華盛頓州美國美國。親愛的先生們: 我定購了模式一臺cne 照相機Mx420 從您的聯機服務二個星期前。Iwas 使對recrive 程式包那麼及早被打賭當我是高興接受產品, Iwas 驚奇失望, 它不是一個和一樣我看見在您的目錄。我再檢查了它在目錄並且我是肯定的這是差錯。我希望uou 應該考慮exchanhing 它為我並且支付回郵郵費因為我沒有盼望這發生敬上艾米黃幾天後, 艾米接受了一臺全新的照相機以apolog 從公司。親愛的小姐黃: 我們是非常抱歉為我們的差錯。我們讚賞您的忠告和耐心。我們意志de 負責任對郵費和請接受che 報到這份信函。感謝再定□我們的prodicts 。敬上Bette 史密斯經理Octob 20,2002

    Source(s): 上方是由 SYSTRAN 提供的自動翻譯。
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    致 美國 華盛頓州 430 郵箱 網上公司



    黃愛眉 啟





    經理 史蓓蒂


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