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A camel is sitting by a stack of 3000 bananas at the edge of a 1000 kilometer-wide desert. He is going to travel across the desert,carrying as many bananas as he can to the other side. He can carry up to 1000 bananas at any given time, but he eats one banana every kilometer. What is the maximum number of bananas the camel can get across the desert? How does the camel do it?




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    From the starting point the camel has to travel 3 times since there are 3000 bananas. But the cost of traveling each mile is 5 bananas. (2*3 -1 =5 since last time the camel does not have to travel back). With this cost, how long the camel take bananas until there are 2000 bananas.

    5d = (3000 - 2000) = 1000; therefore d = 200.

    So, when the camel reaches 200 miles, it would trasported all the bananas across and would have spend 1000 bananas. Remanainng bananas are 2000.

    At this stage, the cost of moving each banana for a mile is 3. (2*2-1 = 3 since the second time the camel does not have to return). WIth this cost, how many miles could the camel trasport until there are 1000 bananas. Because once there are 1000 bananas, we could direclty take everything in one shot; no need to return.

    3d = 1000; d = 333.33

    At this stage, the camel has travelled 200+333.33=533.33 miles. At this stage, the camel has 1000 bananas. Remaining miles are 466.66. Each banana for a mile it cost 466.66 bananas. Remaining bananas are 533.33, that the camel would take to the other side.

    Source(s): Provided by Manivannan Muniyandi of MIT
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