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簡單句.混合句.複雜句.混雜句.各二句... ..

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    簡單句:He is a writer.He goes swimming every day.混合句:She loves shopping and she spends a lot of money every month.They attended the ceremony but they wished they hadn't come.複雜句:Because he got up early, he was able to catch the first train.Although it's a well-paid job, John still has to give it up.混雜句:I stayed up last night because I had to prepare for the exam today, and  that is why I overslept this morning.If you try your best, you will finally succeed and your parents will be proud of you.

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    Je parle français. 我說法文 Tu parles anglis avec lui.你和他說英文 Je viens de Taiwan et toi?我來自台灣你ㄋ?Je viens de la China.我來自中國 我正在學法文如果有任何問題可以問我.我都粉樂意為你解答~說不定我們還可以做朋友ㄋ!!^-^

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