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幫忙中翻英 謝謝 (急) 勿用翻譯軟體

堀薰夫(Hori Shigeo)教授您好:


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    Dear Professor Hori Shigeo hello:

    I am the student of Graduate Institute of Elder Education from National Chung Cheng University, lectured by Professor A. Professor A would like to greet you, and was grateful to you for coming Taiwan with guiding us last time. Professor A was extremely expected you next coming. Besides, I’m under lectured of Professor A, so far, and I am studying the strategies of elder education in developmented countries. I hope I could realized much enough about the developmental situation of elder education in Japan. Besides, the management from government to advanced elder education strategies after changes of population composition, hoping Professor could provide the correlative massages for reference with cooperate on our understanding of elder education of Japan. Extremely appreciate for one more time by the great expectation of next opportunity of interchange.



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