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請幫我翻譯以下的文章~中翻英喔 拜託了

1. 當大多數學生在台灣悠閒過暑假時,有些學生則選擇在這段時間出國遊學. 今年比以往有更多的年輕人到國外的語言學校進修. 對他們來說,這樣不僅可以提升自己的外語能力,也可以和其他國家的學生交流,增廣見聞. 當這些學生回國時,除了具備更好的語言能力, 更有自信外,也對其他國家的文化有更深入的了解.

2. 去年暑假我在一家便利商店打工,那是我第一次打工. 工作很辛苦,但是很有趣.我不但從工作中學到很多,還結交了不少的好朋友. 雖然離開工作已經一年,但我們還是經常聚會.

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    . When most students spend summer vacation leisurely in Taiwan, some students choose to go abroad to study this period of time. Receive a training more than the language school where more young men went abroad in the past this year. To them , not only can improve one's own foreign language ability like this but also can exchange with the students of other countries , increase the information . When these students come back home, except that possess better language ability, more confident, have a deeper knowledge of culture of other countries too.

    2. I worked as a temporary labourer in a convenience store last summer vacation, that was my first time to work as a temporary labourer. The work is very arduous , but very interesting. I not only learn a lot from the work but also make many good friends . Though leave and work for one year, we often have a get-together .

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