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ps 要英文句子!



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    Northern Taiwan area residents can no doubt sense a touch of winter in the air ... which taiwan's central weather bureau attributes to a northeast monsoon ... as well as a southern cloud system

    Temperatures in the Su AO area this morning dropped to 16 degree ... with the Taipei suburb of Danshui registering 17.

    The C-w-b says the current weather front should start to weaken somewhat by Wednesday ... at which time the mercury should climb some two to three degrees.

    However, weather officials warn the respite may be temporary ... as seasonal fronts ... stronger than this most recent one ... can be expected.


    Taiwan weather forecast for today and Tomorrow: clouds and intermittent rain up north and over east both Days; clouds but no rain the call for the center and south.

    Current Celsius Temperatures: 20 up North; 22 Mid-island and over east and 21 down south.

    Source(s): 暨南大學的線上多媒體英語教室
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