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1. sociocultural theory

2. separation anxiety

3. Type A personality

4. biofeedback training

5. unconscious motivation

6. formal operations

7. avoidant attachment

8. autonmomy



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    1. sociocultural theory 社會人文理論

    A collection of links to research and theory on social and cultural dimensions

    of learning.

    2. separation anxiety 分隔焦慮感

    Many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone. They will often whine, bark, cry, howl, chew, dig, scratch at the door, soil the house or destroy your home and yard.

    3. Type A personality A型人格

    There are two cardinal features of type A that we must remember, namely, "time urgency or time- impatience" and "free-floating (all pervasive and ever-present) hostility."

    4. biofeedback training生物回饋

    Find relief from pain, anxiety, ADD, headaches, stress and more through training, learn to control it.

    5. unconscious motivation 下意識之動機

    6. formal operations 形式操作

    formal operations child can follow its form. For instance, contrast the content versus the form in the appreciation and interpretation of a parable, metaphor, or satire

    7. avoidant attachment 逃避依附

    Those with avoidant attachment types have been the victims of parental neglect, and exhibit detachment from the parents.

    8. autonmomy自我管理

    autonmomy is critical to educational innovation. Just as you need to till and fertilize the soul if you want a bumper crop, we need to create the conditions for schools to thrive, take risks, set lofty visions, and experiment.

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