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中翻英~my dog







當時還小,對人的腳很有興趣 只要一隻腳抬高或不動

牠都會好奇的接近牠 逃離牠 爸爸最愛跟它玩這個遊戲




陌生人來家裡,牠不會吼,但會躲得遠遠的叫 很膽小


每當有人回家,才在樓下而已,牠都知道 會開心的叫我們幫牠開門

咪咪還會跟人說話喔 也只有家人懂牠要幹嘛 媽媽的手機響 牠會哀嚎



唯一讓我覺得麻煩的是 我在讀書 牠敲門想進來

進來後又跳在我腿上,搖尾巴要我摸摸牠的頭 每次書還沒讀完 就一直跟牠玩 讓我又氣又好笑


不過是養在陽台 沒像咪咪那麼好 養在家裡



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    Hello, everyone, I want to introduce my dog

    My dog is go up at the younger brother an of the summer vacation of that year is at a the running water factory vacant land finds out of puppy.

    Took a name for it at the beginning, decide to call finally its 咪咪 , become a member in house formally

    The 咪咪 is a hair to be partial to the shallow coffee and bring some bitch of white

    Lately- kept time, the younger brother likes to put it on the leg the petting

    At that time still small, very interested in the person's feet wanted a feet only to jack up or motionless

    It would is curious to near to it to escape its father favourite to play this game with it

    It are together living with us and idles away in seeking pleasure;The evening sleeps with us together

    Usually get up to open eyes in early morning, see is its face toward wear me, lovely asleep

    It likes to call us get up;Its way is to use to run to see you or dawdle you to let you come to in the past

    The stranger comes to home, it will not roar, but will hide call very timid from a distance

    It likes to play hide-and-seek with person, finding out will be very happy.It will also copy the voice of the ambulance

    Whenever someone goes home, just in the down stairs just, its knowing will call us open the door happily for it

    The MIMI will also talk with person oh also only have the cellular phone that the family understands it to want why mother to ring it and will cry piteously

    Return to the house everyday, its happy accolade I;I also know hot liver response it

    Play with it everyday the hours are not tired all quite a few;Because it is really lovely

    Only make me feeling troublesome is I be studying it to knock on door to want to come in

    Jump again on my leg after coming in, wag tail to want an every time book that I touch it and has not yet read to finish and then has been playing with it to let I annoy again again funny

    Now, it have already for a year with us to have another

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