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    Between the classmate I always more several than other people smiling faces, so attend school in the process, the popularity also often holds the post of the leadership person of the class activity rather good.Three yearses of the university come much, the result maintains medium up.Currently the semester is the result a row a the fifth always.In addition, I also makes use of time to participate the school association, having ever held the post of to sell the department to master the staff,harmonica club clerk,the Inspect the member of committee would the public relations is long,the class learns the skill etc. the … participates the marketing department especially, letting me feel most of proud of sell the department to master in the department of lead under, have already continued the total trophy of the spirit that four years take till founder's day.Of so want to test the 企 to grind, is I to cognize, here diversified society.Need the specialist to even need the gifted versatile person.Usually is different because of the background that everyone learns, may make the cognition mistake of the selectivity consciousness, for the sake of the mistake reducing in this aspect, I decides to choose the enterprise management institute to study in, to increase the knowledge of other managements.This also helps me hereafter while being up the high level agent, have the same language with the other section representative directorses, communicating while holding a meeting just will not produce the obstacle because of the dissimilarity that cognize.

    Attend school the period, find the oneself is leading to have the interest with the management, often is the leadership person of each activity, in in the management curriculum of period cultivation of university, even make sure the reason of the oneself to manage to have the strong interest, this is also I to think of the business management institute.

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