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誰可以幫我想想英文的演講稿,很急!!有三ㄍ題目:1.How to spend time with profit(如何利用時間) 2.My future plans(我未來的計畫) 3.Be a good neighbor(敦親睦鄰)


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    Be a good neighbor

    BE a good neighbor is a good way to makes friends.And be a good neighbor has a lot of measures to do.How to be a good neughbor is very important.I think helping another neighbors is the first way to be a good neighbor.For example,when neighbors need something which I have that,I would lend that.Or always talk with is a good way either.Don't always at home or they will think you're a disagreeableness person.If you're a good neighbor who has a lot of friends.Finally,I think if you won't debouchment that you can't do anything.Just believe my mind.




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    短的太刳誇張了= =

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