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    I already very was actually long have not  seen my daddy. Before,lived with the daddy in the same place time, looks at his laboriouswork, in order to lets warm which our three brothers the sisters atefull, puts on, even was enrolls in supplementary lessons...  Enrollsin supplementary lessons said to me that, is really very luxurious,but the daddy always said: "Who said I am unconditionally give 妳 themoney Arab League, later I will be old have had to depend on 妳raise!" Although is plays the joke, but this sentence plays jokeactually deep engraving in my heart. After the hour does notunderstand the heavy burden which a daddy person supports, alwaysmakes the mistake to annoy him to be angry, why also doesn'tunderstand the daddy that to like drinking, now only then knew, daddyat that time has laboriously, by the liquor can 澆愁.

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     In fact I have already had not seen my father for a long time. Before, time living together with father, saw the work of his pain, for letting we three brothers sisters ate of satisfied,wear of warm, even took lessons the … .Take lessons to me, really is very extravagant, but father always says:"Who say I am unconditional to give you QIAN2 A , later was I old to to depend on you to kept!"Although is a fun words, but this fun words engrave deeply in my heart.Don't understand the heavy load that a person of father supports to rise after hour, always makes a mistake to ask for him to get angry, also don't understand father why like to drink the wine so, just know now, father leads at that time of have another the pain, can sprinkle the sorrow with the wine

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