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    Good night, Ladies and gentlemen, we should introduce for everybody today, go to the bank to save and get the list that should carry articles and fill in of the money; Played the office staff of the bank by A at first, B plays customers, explains the procedure saving actually; Then is played the office staff of the bank by C, D plays customers, tells everybody to get the procedure of the money; Please quiet to view and admire, have query please propose behind the performance.

    A- Good morning,if having , may help you of I any?

    B- yes, I want to save, but I do not know that want to fill in that list .

    A- eh,need not filling in you deposit certificate , and last account number , households of name , date and amount of money, give to the office staff.

    B- I understand , thank your help very much.

    A-,expect you next come over.

    C- noon fits, you are welcome.

    D- I need to get the money, the withdrawal form has already been filled in.

    C - a fine one, you then lead specimen seal impressions?

    D- some.

    C- please stamp here , thanks. Then please input your password here.

    D- all right - like this?

    C- yes, this is your cash, please check and accept.

    D- eh, quite right, thank you for your help.

    C-,expect next meet again.

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    Good night everybody! Today, we will introduce about how to deposit and withdraw money in the bank, and what should we bring and what kind of form we need to fill out.First of all, person A will act a bank teller, person B act a customer, to show us the procedures of deposit.Then, person C will act a bank teller, person D act a customer, to show us the procedures of withdrawal.Please admire this performance and be quiet. If you have any question,please ask it after performance.A-Good morning. May I help you?B-Yes, I would like to depoist, but I don't know which sheet I should fill out.A-Well,you need to fill out depoist sheet and write down your account number, name, date and amount;then, give it with money to bank teller. B-OK,I see. Thank you for help.A-You're welcome.Hope coming again. Have a nice day.C-Good afternoon.May I help you?D-I want to withdraw the money and I have completed the withdrawal sheet.C-Okey,do you have stamp?D-Yes。C-Please stamp here, thanks. Then, please enter your password.D-Let's it?C-Yes,This is your cash, please check it.D-Okey,that's right. Thank you for help.C-You're welcome, hope see you again. Have a nice day.

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    Good evening everyone. Tonight we are going to introduce deposit and withdrawal processes in a bank, including what to bring and how to fill out the forms. First we will ask A to play the bank clerk, B is the customer, describing the process of making a deposit. Then C will be the bank clear, D is the custoer, describing the process of making a withdrawal. Please be quiet during the performance, if there are any questions, please wait until after the performance.

    A: Good moring, Can I help you?

    B: Yes, I will like to make a deposit. But I don't know which forms to fill.

    A: Ok, you need to fill a deposit slip. Also, please write down your account number, name, date, and the amount, then submitted it to the bank clerk.

    B: I understand, thank you very much.

    A: You are welcome, please come again.

    C: Good afternoon and welcome

    D: I need to make a withdrawal, and I have completed my forms.

    C: Sure, did you bring your stamp?

    D: Yes

    C: Great, then please stamp here. Thank you. Then enter your secret code.

    D: Is that it?

    C: Yes, here is your cash, please count them.

    D: That is correct. Thank you for your help.

    C: No problem, See you next time

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