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    Disadvantages of Taking Public Transportations.

    There are many disadvantages of taking public transportations. For example, I go to work by bus every day and it is so terrible. First, the number of scheduled buses is not many. Therefore, I have to waste lots of time waiting for a bus. Next, there are always lots of people during rush hours. It's hard to find a seat and is always very crowded. On the other hand, the air is so bad. I feel very uncomfortable while in the bus. Last and the worst of all, you may encounter a harassment while taking public transportations. It's so terrible that I am not dare to fall asleep, and even close to others on the bus. These are some disadvantages of taking public transportation.

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    I should go to work to take the bus every day. But it is that I am in most pain to take the bus each time  Time.. Because each time bus  There is not many order of classes. Must wait for a long time. And the bus sits at peak moment  There will all be very many people. There is no seat to sit each time. Can only use stand.. It is not fine and often want people to crowd the people air. It is apt to block up is the poorest  May meet abnormally  

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