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the importance of being earnes

請問有誰讀過oscar wilde 的 the importance being earnest,可以提供我一些資料嗎?謝謝!

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    究竟"Mr. Ernest"有什麼不為人知的秘密讓Jack和Algernon非得要改名換姓不可?而兩位情竇初開的窈窕淑女也不顧一切的同時愛上了Ernest。真摯的愛情披上非真的名號,柳暗花明中,遊戲人間的男女提著燈追求愛情的靈蹤。錯綜的愛讓結婚之途反覆徘徊。

    The importance of being earnest? But for Algernon, it's also the importance of not being earnest. Algernon is a young man who talks mainly to tease, and sometimes, he could even go too far. Hearing that a lovely lady, Cecily, lives in John's house, Algernon pretends that he is John's imaginary brother Ernest and visits her. Shockingly, he finds out that they were already engaged, albeit having never met each other before. At the same time, Gwendolen,the girl in a love affair with John, who thinks that he's name is Ernest, goes to John's house, too. Then, John arrives home. Two men who claim themselves Ernest and two women who think their lovers' names are Ernest and love them for this reason, are now gathered under the same roof. An even bigger event is about to take place.

    「新娘不是我」的魯伯特艾略特(Rupert Everett) 有演這一部,可以去租來看看。(不知百視達有沒有...?)

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