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    How but loses weight must only then effectiveness not be able to

    injury the body?

    A. The reduced food quantity of heat, reduces the

    card the skill is starts from the few oils, because soupspoon oil has

    approximately 145 kilocalories thermal

    B. Reduces the full meal


    C. The reduced drink quantity of heat only drinks the plain

    boiled water, the non- sugar tea, careful, do not have to drink the


    D. Increases thermal using the movement the consumption to raise each

    week at least 3 day-long movements custom, each time the movement at

    least continues 30 minutes But most important, loses weight extremely

    more importantly own determination and the will, talks only perhaps

    gives up halfway all is very many people loses weight the defeat main


    Please do not use the translation software!Asks~

    This may?

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    What is the efficient way to lose weight without losing your health?

    A.Reduce the calories from food. One tablespoon of oil contains approximately 145 kilocalories. Therefore, the key to lose weight is to reduce the intake of oil.

    B.Lower the intake of calories from main meals.

    C.Lower the intake of calories from drinks. Only drink water or plain tea. Be careful of the drink you select. Do not choose juice or yogurt that looks healthful but whose calories are higher than your imagination.

    D.Increase exercise to burn off calories. Cultivate the habit of exercise: at least three times a week, thirty minutes each time. However, determination and persistence are the most important(determining) keys to lose weight; without them is the major reason that most people fail in losing weight.

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