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請問有人知道電影奔騰年代(裡面男主角是演蜘蛛人的男主角)裡面剛開頭的時候 那個小孩所唸的詩是誰寫的還有它的內容 我只記得第一句好像是:We never know how high we are 有人知道完整版的嗎 知道的可以告訴我嗎? 謝謝大大..!!



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    We never know how high we are

    Till we are asked to rise

    And then if we are true to plan

    Our statures touch the skies --

    The Heroism we recite

    Would be a normal thing

    Did not ourselves the Cubits warp

    For fear to be a King --詩人 Emily Dickinson

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