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且於2000年成立子公司-鑨辰機械有限公司(AMM)負責國際貿易及工具機之研發製造維修;亦是寶成集團NC-TOOLS台灣總代理.並由2003年7月從事模具之開發.由高精度之工具機技術配合多元化之木工機械來提供最好的產品 .

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    Our company is devoted to the woodworking machinery and manufacture history of 25 years, because the tenon machinery of our company has been supported deeply by the customer, so had already moved towards center the tenon relevant and mechanical design , improvement many years ago, manufacture. Improve the traditional manual angle digging machine into a atmospheric pressure type; Oil pressure type; Many axle types and automatic displacement, are engaged in the long tenon mechanical manufacture, and insist on the products that can produce the high-quality high yield of high performance establish company's brand. And established the subsidiary - the research and development responsible for international trade and tool machine of time industrial Co., Ltd. (AMM ) to make maintenance in 2000; It is also that treasure becomes the group NC-TOOLS Taiwanese general agent. And is engaged in the development of the mould by July of 2003. Cooperated with the pluralistic woodworking machinery to offer the best products by high-accuracy tool machine technology  .

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    有些句子不通, 有些地方文法錯誤, 如果貼到海外去當廣告, 恐會貽笑大方

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