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    如果是鯨鯊的話,台灣一年只能捕65條(好多,鯨鯊肉其實沒那麼好吃的,有很多替代食品的),如果是統稱的鯊魚,那是用噸來計算的。依照我所找到資料,大約在四五萬噸左右(那也很多啊!): Taiwan (Prov. of China)Taiwan (Prov. of China) has one of the world's most important elasmobranch fisheries oriented mainly towards sharks. No comprehensive information on elasmobranch catches before the 70's could be found for Taiwan (Prov. of China) but data from the Fisheries Yearbooks of Taiwan (Prov. of China) Area show that large quantities of elasmobranchs have been harvested since the 1950's (Figure 2.2). Total elasmobranch catches fluctuated around 45 000t/yr during 1979–1988. This was followed by a substantial increase of catches in 1989 and especially 1990 when production reached more than 70 000t as a result of increased catches of large sharks (Figure 2.24). These variations probably represent changes in discard practices of the fleet rather than expanded effort. Elasmobranchs comprised 3.5% of the total catches of Taiwan (Prov. of China) from 1987-1991. Large sharks constitute the majority of the catches, approximately 81% of the total elasmobranch catch during 1978-1990. Small sharks account for approximately for 14%, while rays are of little importance contributing about 5%. Main elasmobranch species in the catch are hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini, S. zygaena), grey sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus, C. falciformis), mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus), blue sharks (Prionace glauca) and thresher sharks (Alopias superciliosus, A. pelagicus) (C.T. Chen, National Taiwan Ocean University, pers. comm. 1992).


    Figure 2.24. Elasmobranch catches of Taiwan (Prov. of China) by species groups, during 1978–1990 (Data from FAO).

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