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故事不要太長 簡短一些!!


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    Once upon a time, nine ducklings hatched.

    Eight were pretty and fluffy and yellow.

    But the ninth duckling did not look like the others.

    “You are not like the rest,” said his mother.

    “Ugly duckling! Ugly duckling!” said the eight other ducklings.

    “Ugly duckling! Ugly duckling! Go away!”

    The ugly duckling stayed away from his eight brothers and sisters.

    Once the mother duck took her ducklings to visit another duck family on the other side of the lake.

    The teased the ugly duckling.

    “You can’t be a duck!

    You can’t be a duck!”

    “I am a duck! I am a duck! I am!” cried the ugly duckling.

    And then he ran away.

    The ugly duckling hid in some grass.

    Soon it got dark.

    The ugly duckling was scared and lonely.

    He went to sleep.

    The next morning, the ugly duckling went to look for food.

    “What kind of bird are you?” asked some wild ducks.

    “I am a duck,” said the ugly duckling.

    “You can’t be a duck!

    You can’t be a duck!” they teased.

    The ugly duckling ran away from the wild ducks.

    He ran and ran until he came to another lake.

    “I will stay here,” he said.

    The ugly duckling stayed all winter.

    It was cold. Very cold.

    And windy, too.

    One day, the ugly duckling saw some swans flying south.

    “Come with us!” they called.

    “I am coming,” cried the ugly duckling.

    “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

    The ugly duckling flapped his wings.

    He tried to take off.

    But he could not fly very well, and the swans could not wait.

    The ugly duckling stayed by the lake.

    He grew…

    and grew!

    In the spring, the ugly duckling flapped his wings.

    They were big and strong.

    “I can fly,” he said.

    “I can fly!”

    He flew to a riverbank.

    “come and stay with us,” said the swans.

    “Who, me?” asked the ugly duckling.

    “You do not want me.

    I am just an ugly duckling.”

    “A duckling?” they said.

    “No, you are a swan.

    A beautiful swan, just like us!”

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    A mother duck hatches her eggs, and while most of her ducklings are normal, one is gray, too large, and too clumsy to fit in among the others. Though she tries to accept him, the entire barnyard realizes that he simply does not belong, and after a period of harrassment he leaves (or is driven away) to fend for himself. He wanders for the entire summer and fall, for no one will take him in, and he nearly freezes to death in an icy pond. Though he is rescued by a kind human, he cannot live in captivity, and he goes back to the wild.

    By the end of winter he is miraculously still alive. He comes to a pond in a park or garden, where beautiful white swans are swimming. He is drawn to their beauty, though he has no reason to think they will treat him any better than anyone else has. Still, he thinks, even if they kill him, he must approach them. To his surprise, the beautiful creatures welcome and accept him; gazing at his reflection, he sees that he too is a swan.

    or another version:(with more concersation)

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