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    I come from a middle-class family. There are six people in my family. My father runs a small self-own business. My mother is a full-time housewife. Although we are not rich, my parents still satisfy kids’ physical needs. Although my parents only graduated from primary school, they insisted that we have to work hard on class and complete our studies.

    I was majored in the Public Finance and Taxation in University. Because I was interested in accounting, I studied Accounting at graduate school. The Accounting and Taxation like two sides of one coin. I would like to learn more of Accounting. That’s why I chose studying in graduate school to learn more about Accounting and Taxation.

    My personality is thoughtful and cautiously. I like learning new things very much and have great pressure-resistance. My former supervisor of my part-time job appreciated my working ability and believed that I can be an auditor. If I have chance to work for you, I would like to learn on many aspects. After working on audit department for couple years, I wish to have a chance turning in managing consultancy department. Then, I can learn management skill of different level and enrich the knowledge.

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    I come from a middle-class family family, there are six members in the house, the father works on small self-run the business originally, the mother is a full-time housewife, although be unlikely wealthy also let house in kid of physical life not remaining short of, although the parents all only have the primary school educational background, all speed up sternly to our lessons, making an effort of let us be able to complete studies.

    University what I specialize in is the finance tax administration department, because of the interest in accounting, at institute I chose the accounting then, the accounting and tax administration is the integral whole both sides of, I hope it to can make up deficiency accounting's knowledge so the choice enters higher school again, expecting to oneself's accounting and the tax administration knowledge can be more abundant.

    My character elaboration and careful, has the very high learning ability for the new thing, and has the high anti- to press sex, the former work reads of the supervisor also is to the great 譽 of my work ability good, believe I can be competent the work of auditing the personnel.

    Enter after the office, hope various learning of ability, be auditing the related experience of the section accumulation several after years, hope to turn into the management to consult with the section, can learn the company of different level to manage, and make the oneself be able to enrich the knowledge of the aspect.

    (The trouble helps me to translate a while, wanting the personal interview)

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