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The invisible information infrastructure.

In the future, everything with a digital heartbeat will be connected to the internet.

Where is the internet heading? Vint cerf, one of the internet's founders, thinks it's headed for space. He's putting much of his time and energy into a project called interplanet , which he hopes will extend the internet to the other planets in our solar system. According to the plan, electronic “post offices” will orbit other planets, routing messages between space explorers, both human and robot. The obstacles are significant-a message from mars can take 20minutes or more to reach Earth , an intolerably long time for internet servers that “time out” if they don't receive messages quickly. According to Cerf, ”the interplanetary network is an example of a much more ”general concept we call delay-tolerant networks. ”even if you aren't expecting email from the red planet, the research being done on InterPlaNet may result in more reliable internet for you here on earth.

Whatever happens with InterPlaNet, tomorrow's net surfers will find it easier to locate what they're looking for on the web. Tim burners-lee, the web, is planning a semantic web-a web full of data that's meaningful to computers as wel1 as humans. With a semantic web, search engines will be able to deliver exactly what you're looking for instead of bombarding you with hundreds of possibility pages. Here's how burners-lee described if to the Boston globe: ”you'll tell a search engine, 'find me someplace where the weather is currently rainy and it's within a hundred miles of such and such a city.'…a search engine…will come back and say, ’look I found this place and I can prove to you why I know that it’s raining and why I know it’s within a hundred miles of this place. 'so you'll be dealing with much firmer information.”

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    互聯網標題是在哪裡?釀造cerf, 一個網際網路的創始人,想它已轉到空間. 他在輕握入洞大部份他的時間和精力進入計畫呼叫interplanet , 哪個他霍普會延伸互聯網到其他的行星在我們的太陽系. 根據計畫,電子的 “郵局” 會軌道其他的行星,潰敗消息之間空間探險者,雙方的人的和機器人. 障礙是重要-一消息從火星能拿取20個分鐘手術室更多的到達地球 , 無法忍受地長期的為了網際網路伺服器那 “暫停時間” 假如他們不接收消息很快地. 根據Cerf, ”行星間的網路是例子的更加 ”一般概念我們調用副程式延遲-容忍網路. ”縱使你不是預期電子信件從這火星, 這研究生存完成在InterPlaNet可能結果是更多可信賴網際網路為了你這裡在地球.

    無論怎樣的發生和InterPlaNet, 明天的淨餘的衝浪運動員會尋找它容易的到範圍什麼他們是查找準時地網. 蒂姆火爐-李,網,是計畫編制語義的全球資訊網-一網充滿資料那個是有意義的到電腦wel 1個跟人類一樣. 和一語義的網頁, 查找引擎將是能夠遞送確切地什麼你是查找代替轟炸你和一百的可能性頁. 這裡是如何火爐-李描寫假如到波士頓地球儀: ”你將告訴查找引擎, '尋找我在某處氣候的地方是現在下雨的和它的不越出100邁爾斯某某城市.'…查找引擎…會回來和說, ’看我發現此地和我能證明到我知道它的的你’s大量落下我知道它的和’s不越出100邁爾斯此地. '如此你會在處理非常堅硬的資訊.”

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