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幫我修改科技英文文章翻譯~10點 謝謝藍芽的應用大約可涵蓋以下三個領域: The application of the blue bud can cover following three realmses about:  1.取代纜線功能(Cable Replacement)----取代所有行動設備現有的連接線功能,改用無線電波傳輸 ,如語音傳輸的免持式聽筒、數據傳輸的周邊設備、或是指令傳輸的控制設備等。 1.Replace the cable function(Cable Replacement)----Replace all tie line functions with existing action equipments, change to use the radio wave transmission, if the speech delivers of do not need control equipment etc. of the perimeter equipment,or the command transmission of the hold type phone,data-undervoice.  2.個人隨意網路(Personal Ad-Hoc Network)-----隨時隨地提供一個立即可用的網路通訊傳輸環境 ,以分享網路內其他電腦設備上的檔案或網路資源。  2.Personal at will networ(Personal Ad-Hoc Network)-----Provide an immediately available networ telecommunication transmission environment anywhere at any time, to share the file or the networ resource of other computer equipments inside the networ.  3.網路接取設備(Data/Voice Access Point )-----提供更廣泛的網路傳輸應用,透過對外有線網路或網際網路的接取服務,使用者可以無線方式接取網路上所有的資源,達到無線上網傳輸的境界。 3.The networ connecting takes the equipment(Data/Voice Access Point)-----Provide the more extensive networ transmission application, takes the service through the connecting of the outward wired networ or the internet, user can the wireless mode connecting takes the networ up all resourceses, reaching the realm that the wireless gets to the Internet to deliver. 隨著資訊家電(Internet Appliance)概念的發展,未來行動電話、PDA、掌上型電腦、數位相機等電子產品,均可利用藍芽作資料交換,藍芽未來將會扮演資訊及通訊領域的整合功能Along with the development of the information appliance(the Internet Appliance) concept, in the future cell phone,PDA,handheld PC,the digital camera isoelectronic product, all can make use of the blue bud to make the data interchange, the blue bud will play the integration function of the information and the telecommunication realm in the future  

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    1.Replace the function of the cable ( Cable Replacement) ----Replace the existing connecting wire function of all action equipment, use radiowaves instead to transmit, whom pronunciation transmit for instance exempt earphone, peripheral equipment, or control equipment,etc. that order transmit of data transmission of holding etc..  2.Personal random network (Personal Ad-Hoc Network) -----Offer one network communication that can spend immediately transmit the environment whenever and wherever possible, in order to share the files or network resources on other computers equipment in the network.  3.The network connects and fetches the equipment (Data/Voice Access Point) -----Offer the more extensive network to transmit application, through connecting fetching serving of the foreign wired network or internet network, user can wireless way is it fetch network all resource to receive, is it have on-line realm that network transmits to reach. With infromation household appliances (Internet Appliance) The development of the concept, such electronic products as mobile telephone, PDA, palmtop computer, digit camera,etc. in future, use blue bud as the materials to exchange, the merger functions of information and communication field that blue bud will be acted in the future  

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    藍芽是blue tooth

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