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請幫我看看~要改那裡呢?因為翻譯的有點怪**************************************在尋找傳說中極光與大地在接觸之地,Kenai才能夠復原成人形,沿途他遇到一隻失去母親、孤苦無依的小熊 Koda ,說知道極光山巔的所在地,於是 Kenai 就與他為伴,一同踏上漫長旅程Be looking for the legendary aurora and the earth in the earth of the contact, the Kenai can restore to original adult's form, along the road he meets a small bear Koda that loses the mother,alone and helpless none to depend on, saying the located of knowing the aurora summit of hill, hence the Kenai is a companion with him, stepping on the endless itinerary together 為了生存 Kenai 必須用以往仇敵的觀點來看世界,對生命的真諦有了一番前所未有的體驗。Have to go toward the standpoint of the enemy in order to for the sake of the existence Kenai to see the world, the true meaning of the dichotomy life has some kind of unprecedented experiences. .【熊的傳說】影片中,其實沒有一個真正的「壞人」,只有一般正常人在偏執心理驅使下所做出的「壞事」.【The legend of the bear 】in the film, without a real"bad person" in fact, only have generally normally the person to order about in the bigotry mental state a"bad matter" for doesing 然而在做這些事的時候,站在自己的立場或許還不覺得有什麼不對,但是當設身處地、互換立場以後重新檢視,許多事情會因此而完全改觀。However at the time of doing these matters, stand on own position and still don't feel probably what's wrong, but establish the body earth and change the position with each other hereafter re- examine, many things will present new look therefore and completely.

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    Aurora and earth, in place that contact, Kenai can recover adult's shape among looking for legend, he on the way meet one lose mother, fatherless bitterness have Xiao Koda Xiong that depend on, is it know aurora site, mountain of peak to speak, then Kenai is accompanied by him, sets foot on the long journey together For survive Kenai must with view of foe is it watch world to come in the past, true essence in the life have some unprecedented experiences. [The legend of the bear ] in the film, in fact the real ' the bad person ' of none, only ' the bad thing ' made under the circumstances that the bigoted psychology is driven of general normal person But when do these, stand and does not perhaps feel in own position it is wrong what there is, but look over again after see things as one would if he were in someone else's place, exchange positions, a lot of things will and totally change.   

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