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官網名稱好像是Katie Leung Online


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    Hello my friend!^_^ Hehe. Surprise to see me?

    After I decided to shut down I was wondering what I was going to do with this domain since I have it for about another year,

    but then time went by and I was suck into school, work, and voluntering. I've always wanted to open some sort of a graphic site so I could

    practice doing certain things. So why not use this domain, right? And I sure hell wasn't going to start another fan site. The only fan

    sites I've ever done was for Cho Chang ( and Katie Leung ( and it was all about work to keep updating so

    people wouldn't miss out on anything and a bunch of rude people and drama.

    Oh yea, I also got to think of what to do with, LOL! I'm kind of sad that it's gone, because I actually didn't intended

    on closing it down, but I forgot about the internet...including my bills on the you can guess what happened:S Maybe I can

    give it to one of the webmasters with Katie Leung's fan site. Or start it again and get some of the other webmasters involve to make it one

    big forums.

    Anyway, I got off the topic a bit there. Lucky Rabbit (from Katie's Chinese sign and how Rabbit is the luckiest sign, and she

    is lucky...) will have LJ icons, wallpapers, fan arts, blinkies (maybe), headers, and anything else that I might consider doing. This should be

    fun, YAY! I'll start making some stuff today (hate shopping for pictures, it takes FOREVER).

    她還有另闢了一個張秋的網站 (不過沒啥東西)

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